One of the biggest bugs in Internet history, everyone is on high alarm and it’s called Heart Bleed.

I sense a future movie.



six word autobiography: “fuck goddamnit i fucked up so bad”

guys i specifically made that sentence seven words long so someone could comment “but thats seven words” and i could say “fuck i did it again i fucked up” so we could all have a good laugh but no one said it. yall fucked up. i fucked up because i assumed yall wouldnt fuck up. everythings fucked up

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At amber’s party yea I look cute #buzzlighter #nevertoold #fun

#Tamuk #enditmovement (at Texas A&M University-Kingsville)

Giving blood #savinglifes #tamuk

Usually don’t post food but when I do it looks good #chillies #Sundaybeforeschool

Back for the weekend love my people #fire #goodweekend

#Armday #Gymflow

David Tennant was my favorite until I got into classic Doctor Who #doctorwho